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     We have all the expertise and knowledge necessary to get you on the WEB and to get YOUR business noticed!!
We SPECIALIZE in WEB Site Design, Hosting, Promotion, and
E-Commerce Solutions for ANY size business--big or small!

We tailor every site to the UNIQUE needs of each individual customer.
Your Business is special! Your WEB Site should be special too!!!

We have the expertise to put all the puzzle pieces together to create a WEB Site that will match the unique needs of YOUR business.

Watch your sales multipy virtually overnight with our Professional WEB Site Designs!!!

We have over 20 years experience with VMS and DEC VAX and ALPHA operations! With over 17 YEARS Software and Systems Consulting experience, we are the Perfect Choice for your VMS/DEC needs!

Our clients cover a broad range of industries, from Manufacturing and Utility companies to Hospitals and Retail Sales firms. We have clients in all size ranges, from Large Corporations to Medium-sized Companies and Small Businesses
We have the background and Professional expertise you are looking for!

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We have 7+ years experience with NT, NT Server, SMS, Exchange, Networking, and now Windows 2000!
We have MCSE certifications!
(Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer since 1994)

Bullet 1 MCSE (NT4) 
Bullet 2 MCSE (+ I ) 
Bullet 3 MCSE (W2K) 

We service companies in all size ranges and do Networking, Installations, and UpGrades for Large Corporations, and Medium-sized Companies, as well as Small Businesses. Our clients come from a wide range of industries and professions.

We can meet all your Microsoft Backoffice needs!

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