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As a software consultant, I enjoy solving problems. I have worked on a large variety of projects with many different companies. This experience and knowledge provides a base that I can apply to many types of projects and environments.

I am very strong in both the Microsoft arena (Windows 3.xx, 95, NT, and W2K) and the Compaq/DEC VMS environment. This enables me to look at problems from an enterprise-wide perspective, as well as at an individual productivity level.Because of my breadth of experience, I’m comfortable in almost any computing environment.

I interact well with many different types of people, from the heavy technical to the non-technical. I learn fast and can 'Come up to speed' quickly. I can provide both technical expertise and futures and directions expertise.Knowledge transfer/training is just an automatic part of what I do.

My current focus is primarily in the Systems and Networking arena’s on both DEC and Microsoft.


Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer: Windows 2000, TCP/IP, Exchange, IIS, TCP/IP for NT4,
Soon to be retired: NT 4.0, IIS 3.0, Networking Essentials
Retired: NT 3.1, NT 3.51, Networking with Windows for Workgroups 3.11, Microsoft SQL 4.2 Database, Microsoft Mail, Exchange 4.0.
A total of 17 certification tests passed as of 6/01, MSCSE since 9/94, MCP since 3/94.

Job Experience

April 92-Present - ASK Enterprises, Ltd.: Consultant/President
    Support a number of clients on an on-going basis (some as long as 15 years), both directly and as a subcontractor, primarily in the Microsoft and VMS arenas, with support to clients in other areas as appropriate. Cooperative Partnerships with a number of other companies.A wide variety of industries and environments (see Industry Experience below).

December 83 to April 92 - Cap Gemini America(Formerly Systemation, Inc):
    Systems Consultant, Technical Sales Support, VAX Services Group, Senior Systems Consultant, and Senior VAX Systems Consultant. (This is a software consulting firm, where average project duration ranged from 2 months to 2 years.)

Mar 91-Apr 92: Senior [VAX] Systems Consultant
Jun 90-Mar 91: Technical Sales Support
Feb 89: The VAX Services Practice Group within CGA is created, initial member.

March 82 to December 83 - The Timken Company: Research Engineer
    Provided internal software consulting within Timken Research. Was their local "Expert" on the VAX. Created several programs for Inter-computer communications. Created software tools for Micro-processor Programmers. Taught Classes in VAX/VMS and other areas. Designed and implemented a 8080/ISIS emulator which allowed programs for the Intel Development System to be run (emulated) on the VAX that was running 10 years later.

Jan 79 to Mar 82 - Spatial Data Analysis Lab at Virginia Tech: Systems Programmer and Research Associate
    Designed, implemented, and maintained GIPSY (a Transportable Image processing system). Designed and implemented the system dependent and system independent routines, the RATFOR Pre-processor, an Editor, and documentation aid programs. Transported GIPSY from and IBM system to the VAX in 1 month (including learning the VAX). Installed various versions of VMS including 1.6 (first publicly available version of VMS).

M.S. in Electrical Engineering, Virginia Tech, 1981
Thesis: "A Transportable Image Processing System called GIPSY" Areas of study: Transportable Software (Computer/Computer, Language/Language), Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Computer Hardware.

B.S. in Electrical Engineering, University of Kansas, 1977.
Areas of Study: Digital Circuits, Compiler Construction, Operating Systems, Computer Hardware, Data Structures, and Data Compression (Hough, FFT)


Listed in Strathmore’s Who’s Who; IEEE Computer Society; ACM; DECUS; Eta Kappa Nu; Research Exchange to Florence Italy for research in Image Processing Algorithms; FORTRAN Working Group Chairman (DECUS); Member of Language and Tools Steering Committee (DECUS).

Industry Experience

Multiple Industry Experience - Microsoft and Digital Environments
Designed and implemented Windows 2000 networks with Active Directory, including:
Active Directory, Forest Design, DNS design (and/or re-design)
Exchange 2000 integration/planning, W2K Architecture, DNS/WINS/DHCP, etc.
Installed/Upgraded many systems from Windows 3.x to 95 to NT to W2K
Network troubleshooting: Cabling/Routers/Protocols/Security
MS-Exchange installation/configuration
MS-System Manager Server (SMS) installation/configuration
TCP/IP configuration/troubleshooting (DHCP/DNS/WINS/Routers/…)
Created the system costing documents and estimated software costs.
Performance Tuning, Network Tuning.
Microsoft and VMS System and User Level Training (Individual and Group).

Multiple product installations: VMS (almost all products), Microsoft (almost all products)
VMS Cluster Setup and Management.
Analysis and Design of multiple projects.
Pathworks installation and setup and tuning.
Interviewed potential new employees for client.
Provided formal and informal training in a variety of topics.
Hardware Capacity Planning.
Network expansion Planning/Re-organization.
Disaster Recovery Planning, Testing

Advertising Industry
Created multiple tools to aid the system operation.
Tools and programs to parse the operator.log files.
Restructured batch/print queue system for 200 queues on 10 nodes, (4 in a cluster), nationwide to single file control.
Backup/restore procedures.

Created a medical records subsystem working in conjunction with the main database to retrieve by name, medical record number, patient number, Social Security #, Date of birth.
Introduced and Migrated from non-network to network approach to hardware structure. Started up entire network. (VMS w/Terminal Servers).
Worked with Nursing, Business office, Medical Records, Human Resources, Admitting, and Billing Departments.
Acted as entire DP department during staff transition.

Insurance Industry
Developed and Installed over 40 complex reporting programs using the Insurance database (over 300 relations in database).

Manufacturing/Steel Industry
Designed and established the system functionality requirements for a realtime computer integrated manufacturing application.
Designed, coded, and implemented a finite element analysis system for 3 dimensional geometries under VMS on VAX hardware.
Created a report generation system written in FORTRAN on a VAX.
Provided technical expertise to allow IBM COBOL programmers to use DEC VAX COBOL with a minimum of difficulty.
Designed and Implemented a 8080/ISIS Emulator for the VAX
Created system overview and functional specification for a $6 million project (CIM structured design).
Acted as entire Data Processing Department, Development Staff, and Operations for Steel Facility and Chemlab.

Electric Utilities
Designed, managed, programmed, implemented, and maintained an electric meter testing system.

Petrochemical Industry
Implemented a Reporting system for collection of refining data and summarizing volume transactions.
Designed programs to allow secure transfer of data between processors via DECNET.
Helped solve the problem of computer operator turnover by providing a simple but secure operator menu.
Wrote application documentation.

Created and enforced documentation standards.
Implemented RATFOR Pre﷓processor and an editor.

MicroFiche/Imaging Industry
Provided input to management decisions involving hardware, software, and networking, both in the form of written information but also informal interchange.
Provided the systems level support for a system of over 100 users.

Created the Administrative functions of the COBOL server portion of a client/server application for a Bank Teller application on the VAX/VMS system (Administrative Functions are support functions, such as, Teller Logon, Logoff, and Registering Tellers).
Assisted in system tuning, network configuration, and VMS interfacing for the application.

Hardware/Software Experience

Operating Systems (experience level from proficient to basic exposure)
Windows NT 3.1, 3.5. 3.51, 4.0, W2K Windows 95/98/SE/ME
Microsoft DOS 3.0 to 6.2 Windows 3.1,3.11, WFW 3.11
VAX/VMS 1.6 to 7.2 Alpha/VMS 1.5 to 7.2
PDP-11 – DOS, RT-11, RSX PDP-15 - DOS, RSX
IBM JCL Honeywell GCOS

Microsoft Software/Networking
Active Directory, Global Catalog, Site Design, Domain Design, Forest Design
System Management Server (SMS) 1.2,2.0 Inventory, Multi-site, Package Dist.
MS-Exchange 4.0,5.0,5.5,2000 Most Exchange Connectors
SMTP/POP3/Imapi/MAPI Mail Routing (Multi-national)
LAN Manager (Networking) MS-Mail
SQL Server (Administration) Proxy Server/IIS
Firewalls W2K & NT Security/Domains Visual Basic 6.0 HTML basics

Microsoft Certified System Engineer: Certified since 9/94, certified in:
Windows NT 3.1 (Advanced Server, Workstation)
Windows NT 4.0 (Server, Server in Enterprise)
Windows 2000 (Core+Networking+Exchange, 6 of 7 tests completed)
Exchange Ms-Mail
TCP/IP SQL Server Administration
IIS/Index Server Windows 3.x
Networking with Windows 3.x Network Essentials
DEC Software
VMS/Micro VMS/OpenVMS (1.6-7.x) FMS
System Services TPU (EVE,EDT emulator)
Clustering VMS Security
TCP/IP Netbeui
LAN Manager IPX/SPX (Netware)
Pathworks for VMS/PC/Mac DECNET
DECNET Ethernet & Token Ring
LAT (Local Area Terminals) Terminal Servers
UCX MultiNet (TGV/Cisco/Process Software)

Languages - VMS
Also: APL, BASIC, PASCAL, Assembler (IBM, VAX, PDP﷓11, PDP﷓15)

Languages – Microsoft
Visual Basic 6.0, Visual C++ 6.0, Visual Basic Scripting, ASP Programming

Miscellaneous Hardware Experience:
Modems (Async/Sync) Terminal Servers
Twisted Pair/Thick/Thin wire Ethernet

Miscellaneous Computers
Hp 3000, 8080/Z80, 8086/80286, 6800, 68000, Osborne,
IBM PC (Compatible), MacIntosh, IBM 360, PDP-11, PDP-15


General Accounting MRP/BOM
Shop Floor Control Mathematical Programming
Statistical Analysis Word Processing
Electronic Mail Experimental Design
Numerical Control Image Processing
Computer Aided Design Data Reduction
Graphics/Plotting Process Control
Instrument Control C.I.M.
Cell Control Performance Tuning
Capacity Planning Communications/Network Planning
Network Optimization Security Audit
Data Communications Compilers/Assemblers
Editors System Internals
Electric Meter Testing Computer Aided Instruction
LASER Gaging Systems Programming
Operations Real Estate
Networking Client/Server
E-Mail Remote Management

Advertising Airline Engine Manuf.
Banking Clothing
Construction Distribution
Hospital/Health Care Education
Electric Utilities Engineering
Government Insurance
Legal Manufacturing
Metal Refining/Steel Numerical Control
Nuclear Equipment Office Environments
Petroleum and Gas Plastics
Real Estate
School District

Available upon Request

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