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E-Commerce Solutions

If you wish to do sales transactions from your site, then you are interested in E-Commerce. Whether you wish to take credit cards, or just have people mail you checks, there are a number of important criteria
that need to be considered.

Bullet 1 Do you have a catalogue you wish to place on-line? 
Bullet 2 What kind of ordering process do you wish to use? 
Bullet 3 If you are going to take credit cards, is the server Secure? 
Bullet 4 What type of transaction method do you wish to use,
     automatic or retrieval?

At ASK Enterprises, we have a Secure Server that utilizes
3-Way Encryption technology!

We can help you answer all the questions involved in E-Commerce to get you on the WEB quickly and efficiently!!

Watch how fast the sales start rolling in!!!

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