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WEB Site Promotion

     Once you have a WEB site designed, you have to promote it--
tell people about it so that they can find your site.
That's what Promotion is all about.
Several things need to occur in order for that to happen.

     First, you have to submit your site to the various Search Engines, so that people searching the net for your specific topic can find your company's site when they look!

Next you may want to generate links between your site and other compatible sites in order to increase your traffic.

     You also want to be able to track how many people visit your site each day or month. You may want to create an e-mail list of who they are in order to periodically send them more information about your company which, in turn, will help increase your sales!!!

At ASK Enterprises, we know how to put all the Promotion pieces together to get Customers to your site and get your business NOTICED!!!

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